Playground design 

Primary school students in Stradbally were canvassed for ideas for pieces of equipment, playground theme and other features such as surfaces and materials. These ideas were incorporated into the instructions for tenders.

The instructions to tenders specified certain features that should be incorporated into the playground.

The theme for the playground was specified to be an Irish farm and farmyard, farm animals and equipment. This theme will be expressed through the use of mainly natural materials and colours for the playground equipment and surfacing, but interspersed with splashes of bright colour.  

Stradbally has a proud history of high achievement in the Tidy Towns competition. The park and playground are to be in keeping with and reflect that with close attention to detail in the design and delivery of landscaping and aesthetics. It should be in keeping with the overall impression of the village. Grass, foliage and a rolling site are to be integrated into the design of the playground.

Other features
Meandering paths avoiding straight lines. Use of curves, organic shapes and variety throughout. The playground should reveal itself to the child in phases as they move through it.  Use the natural topography of the site to best advantage (as far as this is possible given the current reasonably level site topography).  Use various levels and slopes.  Make the child wonder what’s around the next corner.  Let the paths flow into each other so they seem endless.

Planned playground layout and equipment included by Allplay for Stradbally Playground.

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Reviewing designs for Stradbally Playground
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Five companies submitted designs and these were reviewed by the playground committee and Waterford County Council and ranked for: value for money, play value, design, theme, disabilty friendliness, and delivery. The design and tender submitted by Allplay was selected as the most suitable.
Gallery of student playground designs